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Sign up for free in-person yoga classes in Toronto all summer & fall 2021!


Public classes alternate locations from Trinity Bellwoods Park, Cherry Beach, Lawrence Park & Ravine, High Park, Waterfront, & more. Leave me feedback about where & when works best for you and hopefully I can host a class near you!

Sign up for the class below to receive the exact location of the class within the park.


In-person classes are done for the season!

If you are interested in free online classes during the winter, please contact me.

If I ever have to cancel or reschedule a class due to weather or unexpected events, it’ll be posted on this webpage at the bottom, under ‘updates’. I’ll also send a notification via email to those who are signed up for the class. You can also subscribe to get updates on new classes at the bottom of the page.

Who can come?

Anyone! These classes are open to the public and they’re accessible to all yogi levels. Some classes are more physically intense than others, but there are always modifications offered throughout class, so they’re all beginner-friendly. *All participants must sign an intake form before joining a class.*

What should I bring?

Mats are suggested, but some prefer doing yoga right on the Earth; the green makes for a great yoga mat!

Otherwise, you can bring a towel, water, & any props you might like to use (like blocks, straps, bolsters), if you have them.

What kind of yoga is it?

The types of classes range from vinyasa, hatha, yin, and ashtanga-inspired.

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When you sign up for a class, I’ll send you more exact information about the location & what to expect in class. Feel free to leave me feedback about what themes & locations you like best!

*All participants must sign an intake form before joining a class.*

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