Ideas For A Fun Day

If I had an 8th day of the week, I’d…

  • Go wine tasting
  • Try cooking or baking a new recipe
  • Support my neighbors by shopping at a small business near me
  • Dress up & do a photoshoot
  • Spend time near water
  • Attend a new kind of group exercise class
  • Do a moon or sun ritual with girlfriends
  • Go thrifting around town
  • Create a new plastic-free recipe @ home… shampoo, lotion, etc.
  • Grab drinks at a bar
  • Write a letter to family far away
  • Look at art at a museum or online (I love Pinterest for this)
  • Participate in a drum circle with friends
  • Beach trip!
  • Learn a new skill – one day I’d like to learn piano, vegetable gardening, & beading
  • Cloud watching
  • Movie marathon day – with friends, snacks, & love
  • Write poetry, journal, & craft new meditations
  • Host a themed party or plan a huge BBQ!
  • Go on a scavenger hunt
  • Volunteer at an animal shelter
  • Do a colors visualization
  • Practice yoga – & try goat yoga!
  • Text/call someone I don’t normally reach out to
  • Do a candle meditation in pitch black
  • Discover some new music
  • Go to a petting zoo (a nonprofit, humane one!)
  • Make an extravagant coffee recipe & savor it
  • Print a picture I love & frame it
  • Relax & do nothing!

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