Tea Recipes With Cocoa

I add cocoa or cacao powder to everything because it’s amazingly delicious & nutritious!

Some recipes I’ve been digging lately…

  • Raspberry & cocoa
    • Use raspberry tea bags let it steep, & add as much cocoa as you’d like! I prefer it this way, but it can be bitter, so add a tablespoon of honey for some sweetness
    • OR make it at home: simmer dried raspberry leaves for 20 minutes, let it cool slightly, then add some dried raspberries & cocoa
    • Raspberry leaf is very soothing for heavy periods, btw!

  • Vanilla macaroon & cocoa
    • The tea brand TAZO has a vanilla macaroon flavor that is -decadent- .. I usually steep the tea bag & then add cocoa when it’s cooled a bit. This one is great for adding cream or alternative milks & is one of my favorite treats (yes- treats! it’s that good!)
    • Make it at home by steeping plain black tea & adding vanilla flavoring plus cocoa!

  • English breakfast & cocoa
    • I have this every morning! Steep a mug of black English breakfast tea & add cocoa!
    • I used this recipe to replace a slight coffee addiction a few months back, and I’ve been way less dependent on caffeine ever since!

  • Coconut & almond bark with cocoa
    • Bigelow has a coconut & almond bark tea – so I use this tea bag and add cocoa after it has steeped. This one is also amazing for adding cream or alternative milk; it’s like dessert!
    • Make it at home: this might be crazy, but I simmer some sweetened & dried coconut shreds for 20 minutes in coconut milk- the milk turns slightly more coconutty. Then I add some vanilla & almond flavoring (not extracts), honey, & (sometimes) cocoa. It’s not exactly the same, but I love munching on the coconut, & the coconut milk itself has so many healthy properties!

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